Fix-it Guide: Décor, Portland Monthly Magazine / by Midori Karasawa

STYLE GUIDE Interior Design has been featured in Portland Monthly Magzazine’s FIX-IT GUIDE: DÉCOR section with an article called “Give a Drab Room New Life with a Lively Wallpaper Mural”

“Fond of dramatic, emotion-tugging design statements and inspired by the homeowners’ love of jewel-toned blues and greens, Karasawa, a former Nike product marketing ace who launched her own design firm in 2017, built the room’s elegant-yet-lived-in personality around that organic, eye-catching swath of wallpaper. That’s an easy design recipe the Tokyo native says any homeowner can succeed with—even without a pro’s help.”

Wallpaper brings colors, graphics, and patterns that revitalize a space immediately,” she says, noting that the custom-made $12-per-square-foot Area Environments paper was spendy but worth it. “It defines the color scheme for the room, [creating the blueprint for] a cohesive design.
— Midori Karasawa